Trinket “Ranking”

  • Stat sticks for their consistency. (That said, it may be hard to compete with the Nighthold trinkets, which have high base ilevel.) Examples of really good stat sticks:
  • The value of Perfectly Preserved Cake depends on your item level and the throughput requirements of the fight. Since the absorb doesn’t scale with stats (except vers, which is irrelevant), for highly geared players with other trinket options, Cake won’t be quite as good, especially since the legendary trinket is so powerful for us. Here’s how it works:
    • The trinket is off GCD
    • The cake is placed instantly in front of you when you use it. It immediately affects yourself (maybe a bug) plus five other raid members within an 8 yard radius. No action or movement is required. If there are fewer than five other members, the cake persists for 20 seconds and will auto-apply to those who enter its radius (up to the cap). See this picture to see where the trinket drops in relation to your character and how wide the radius of effect is. Note: The cake persists for a bit even after its charges are exhausted, so don’t tell raid members to run to it if they see it, necessarily.
      Most folks around the 910+ item level range will be running stat sticks and/or Etraeus’ Celestial Map instead of Cake, along with the legendary trinket.
  • Next, prefer the “stat+proc” trinkets, like
  • Finally, some “starter trinkets”:
    • Darkmoon Deck: Promises (crafted)
    • Darkmoon Deck: Hellfire (crafted)
    • Cocoon of Enforced Solitude from Elerethe Renferal in Emerald Nightmare
      • The on-use effect is 98% worthless. Prefer to use Leytorrent Potions instead. This is almost solely for static intellect. As a result, at the same ilevel, the Darkmoon trinkets above are better (same intellect, but with a better effect).
    • Aluriel’s Mirror
      • Currently very underwhelming, especially for resto shaman