These rankings are subjective. Contact me if you disagree.


These legendaries don’t directly affect throughput (besides their stats) except insofar as they help you survive. That is really valuable. For example, I choose to run Roots


Situationally Good:

  • Nobundo’s Redemption
    • If the fight has opportunity for frequent chain heals needing frequent spot heals, this will work very well. Works well for Mythic Gul’dan, for example.
  • Uncertain Reminder
    • May be excellent for some fights, in particular those where Bloodlust is used during high damage periods (e.g. Cenarius). Sense of Urgency does persist into the bonus bloodlust period.
  • Sephuz’s Secret
    • May be good for fights that have frequent dispels/interrupts and also have opportunities to put that haste to use.


  • Elemental Rebalancers
    • Low item budget. The HPS gain doesn’t apply to healing rain itself (and in ToS, our HR will be strong). May be good in fights where everyone is always stacked and you can effectively guarantee its use, but otherwise: hard pass.
  • Intact Nazjatar Molting
    • Bad stats, and if the raid is low enough that spamming Riptide is attractive, then Chain Heal will be more attractive. On top of that, such situations usually have raid CDs planned. Probably our worst legendary.